2021 Lead Generation Strategy That Will Make Your Sales Team LOVE You!

Failing to have a lead generation strategy in place will force your sales team to resort to a high volume of cold outreach causing them to be overworked, without much to show for it. This will certainly result in high sales staff turnover and cause your company’s growth to come to a halting stop. With an effective lead generation strategy your sales team will see a higher closing rate, boosted morale, increased motivation, and staff retention. Resulting in the ability to finally break through its growth plateau.

Target Market Research

Knowing your target audience is very important, this is a step often overlooked and neglected when creating a lead generation strategy. In order to find your best target market, the best way of doing this is by going to your top clients and interviewing them. Try to get to know them, how do they live? What do they like? How do they act? What are their personality traits, interests, values etc. For instance, some of our best clients have high end barbecues in their backyard. So, we targeted people who invest in expensive products for their backyard and it works really effectively to help generate great leads. It is usually the detailed similarities that help you identify your client avatar. During your research, dig deep, you cannot settle for surface level research.



Invest in automation, your sales staff is going to end up over working if you do not outsource 90% of their tedious tasks to automated systems. A great CRM is a must, followed by an amazing auto responder to instantly follow up with incoming leads. Lastly, a great booking program will allow you to build it all together. Allow potential leads to land on to your website, immediately book into the calendar of your sales team followed with an automated confirmation. Resulting in a high quality lead booked into your sales team’s calendar with zero labour needed by your salespeople up to this point. Driving results in the most effective way for their time and your team’s time.


Appropriate Ad Budget

Investing in an ad budget that works for the size of your team is critical. Your job as a leader in today’s market is to fill their calendar up instead of them having to do the cold outreach. Cold outreach is half as effective as they used to be. You need to get those warm introductions through lead generation. It’s important to decide, what is my cost of accusation, cost per lead, conversation ratios etc. These indicators are necessary to judge your ad budget. Too many people think they should be generating $100,000 clients through a $1000 ad budget but it does not work like that. It takes a long time to set up ads, so you need to be prepared in the long run to invest for your team and the growth of your company.


In conclusion, have a clear understanding of your target, develop automations to free your sales team from unnecessary tasks and develop a realistic ad budget. You got to come up with an accurate list of topics and keywords to target your audience. It’s 2020, you have to evolve your sales process or you will fall behind and stunt your company’s growth.


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