3 Ways to Improve Prospecting in 2021

3 Ways to Improve Prospecting in 2021

Three ways that you can improve your prospecting today. Hey guys? So, the first way that we’re going to be able to improve our prospecting game today is changing up our pre-call planning game. Too often we see within organizations that their sales teams are engaging prospects in their pipelines without doing any pre-call planning. This leads to unengaged phone calls and poor value being communicated to the client. For an effective pre-call plan, we want to make sure that we’re doing our research ahead of time. We want to make sure that we’re doing the checks and balances on their website, on their socials, on their recent news articles, find out what their organization’s engaging in, and what matters to the people and the stakeholders that you’re looking to engage with.


When you do that, you’re able to set up an amazing call that’s going to provide value not only to yourself, but to the client and the person you’re trying to connect with. The next way we’re going to be able to improve that prospecting process today is going to be by improving our qualification questions. And too often than not within organizations that we currently service, we see that qualifying is sometimes overlooked often because organizations and their sales teams don’t know the right questions to ask. And you might wonder, how do we get the right questions? Well, we do that by shaping the questions around what answers we’re looking to get out of the client.


So we want to focus on the information that is going to be able to develop our team a proper needs analysis, understand the needs of the business, but most importantly, understand the needs and the goals and the dreams of the stakeholder that you’re connecting with. If you can understand the dreams and goals of the stakeholder that you’re engaging, and you can help illustrate the path for them to get there, you’ll be able to build an immense amount of relational capital with that stakeholder as well as demonstrate enough value to engage them for a followup meeting after that initial call where you’ve qualified them with these questions.


The third way guys we’re able to improve our prospecting game today is by analyzing the leads that are coming into our pipeline. We really want to be focusing on hitting warm leads and saving the cold leads for our marketing team to warm up for us. We want our sales teams to be focusing on building relationships and closing deals. We don’t need our top end salespeople to be out there drumming up business, going door to door, we want them focused on the high net worth activities or the high performance activities that are going to drive revenue into your organization. And what that is for a salesperson, is to be focusing on relationships and closing.


Lastly, things to keep at the top of mind, no matter where we are in our prospecting game is to follow the following. Make calls with a purpose. Know you’re looking to get out of each conversation before you engage. Make sure that you understand the clear path and where you’re trying to guide the conversation with those qualification questions before you dial the phone. Have confidence and be yourself. This is something that we can’t stress enough in sales, it’s genuine. It is so easy for people to pick out fakes and people who are just blowing smoke. Be yourself and have confidence.


Lastly, listen, listen, listen. Your client is trying to tell you what they need and it’s your job to listen. If you want to be a top salesperson in this industry, and you want to take your prospecting game to the next level, you need to listen to your clients, listen to their needs, and listen to their dreams.


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