How to build an effective word of mouth experience:

How to build an effective word of mouth experience:

The last time you purchased a product or service and you had an amazing experience with the company you most likely recommended that experience with another person. It is human nature to share experiences with other people whether they are both good or bad. 

According to ReferralCandy 86% of consumers will trust a recommendation from friends and family over any other type of recommendation or advertisement. Word of mouth is the backbone of what most businesses are built on and yet it’s rarely talked about in the business world. 


Building a word of mouth strategy:

Provide something to talk about! Take Coca Cola for an example: we have all seen the names on the side of their cans and their campaign encouraging to share a Coke with your loved ones. By doing so Coca cola developed the ultimate word of mouth marketing through social media and in person. This genius addition of names on the sides of their cans created additional opportunity for their classic product to be talked about by their customers.


Walk in your customer’s shoes:

As a business owner you have the opportunity to make someone’s day by providing an experience that resonates with them. This is a really cool opportunity on a human to human level but an added bonus is this will bring you more business down the road. Think about the last time you received an exceptional service or bought a superior product. Picture that moment you were satisfied by the service, product or experience you recieved. If you feel the customer service could have been better when you were receiving a service, think about it and take it into consideration to how you would have performed things differently and implement that for your business. There is nothing better than having quality customers who would bring in more customers for your business.



Master your product or services, adjust them according to your customer needs and brainstorm how you can take them one step further to really resonate with your customers. At the end of the day, the quality of your customers over the quantity of traffic coming through your doors is so much more important. Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans theory explains that you only need 100 true fans that are loyal to your company and love what you do to be profitable. Developing loyal customers who are willing to return time and time again is crucial to the longevity of your company. Word of mouth strategy requires a genuine and meaningful engagement with your customers because it is always a two way street. It is always a good idea to put other brands’ worked out techniques in the play but remember at the end of the day, it is all about the meaningful connection rather than technique. 

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