How To Drive Great Company Culture That Will Take You To The Top! [Culture is KEY]

How To Drive Great Company Culture That Will Take You To The Top! [Culture is KEY]

In this video, we’re going to talk about building a strong sales culture and this is so paramount to the growth of any company. First, we want to start with identifying personality, knowing who your salespeople are and how they function and how you can help them grow. So how do you do this? Go get the personalities tested, there’s tests out there like DISC, WonScore, there’s a million tests that you can use. I’m not going to provide you the best test in the world for sales, because everyone’s a little bit different about how they like to coach and bring their people along, so select, the test that you’re comfortable with to make sure that your entire staff is tested and you are as well for your personalities, so you know how to mix together and you know how to build people up, support them and grow them in your company.


The next is winning. You have to win constantly in your business. I always set our salespeople up first. When they get in the business, we get them a quick win. Meaning I’ve already set a sale up, I send them in to someone I’m really sure we’ll close and they get a deal across the desk. The faster you get that first deal across the desk, the faster they explode in sales, and everybody says “Yeah, way to go,” a lot of congratulations. Those are the things that they’re really looking for to empower your team. So remember when you’re saying congratulations and you’re doing all those different things, it’s really going to help you build up your team.


The next one is coaching. This is so important. You have to take the time to grow the individuals, set up a plan for them to allow them to achieve their goals within your enterprise. That’s how you keep millennials. They’re looking for someone who’s going to help build their future, grow with them and be flexible. If you build a coaching plan first, you’re going to get the most out of your relationship. Second, you’re going to get the most out of the person. Take the time to show them the love to build them over the term. They’re not just a number, they’re not just an employee, they’re part of your family, they’re part of your team so treat them as such. It’s a pivotal thing.


The next is, have your salespeople play on a team together. They have to work together, support each other, solve problems, identify needs, come up with value creation for your customers. They’re your front line that brings back information to your marketing department to help you grow your companies, to bring back those needs to identify new verticals, to help you grow. Have them work in teams together to do that. It’s difficult that you’re like, “How do I get these competitive people,” because they’re paid separately. Ah, there’s the big thing. When you’re building a pay plan, there has to be some form of group win and camaraderie in it. So you build these people together and they’re willing to support one another in the sales field. A big problem out there today is the wrong paid plan in the B2B space. It was built in the 1970s and no one is looking at it since. You can’t have that pay plan, you have to come together. If you’re wondering how to build it, talk to your sales staff, see what they’re comfortable with, survey them, have a focus group. You want to talk to them about their pay plan.


These are some critical aspects to help you drive that sales culture all the way to the top. Remember, your culture defines where you’re going to go. Richard Branson says, “It is not your customers that take you to the top. It is your employees that take you there.” And he went all the way to space, so I’m going to trust the guy.

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