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We develop, implement and optimize revenue generation for our clients to achieve their company goals.

Collaborating to build a better future.

Our Mission

We develop, implement and optimize revenue generation for our clients to achieve their company goals.

Collaborating to build a better future.

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Our Values

Abundance Creation

We look for clients and team members with an abundance mindset – a commitment to creating get things for themselves and those around them.

Forward Progress

We believe in leaving things better than how we found the. For our clients, this means that we are committed to stepping into your culture and into a relationship with your team and improving things. For our team, we are radically committed to improving their lives personally and professionally.

Continuous Development

We focus on developing leaders in the Kingdom and in business to become powerful stewards in the world.

Direct Communication

We are radically committed to uncovering and speaking the truth, addressing the brutal facts and realities in our business as the only way to make a real impact acting is acting with transparency & openness.

We Never Walk Alone

[Life Together on Mission] We view all of our clients and team members as our neighbours.

Jared Penner

CEO & Founder

A B2B Sales Strategist – the guy who knows how to make sales growth happen in  an exponential and sustainable manner.


Robert Bailey

Lead Creative Director

Bachelor of Visual Arts. The guy who makes things that look good.



Meagan Goerz

Business Development Specialist

Commerce degree graduate, passionate about business, family and living life to the fullest.

Jordon Rowse

Chief Revenue Officer

13 years of Business Development & Marketing Experience with a Masters in Management (France). The guy who makes the money fall from the sky. 

Nahum Hoeppner

Business Development Specialist

Marketing Management & Professional Sales Graduate from BCIT. The guy who gets in the trenches of your business to learn and grow with your team and make sales happen.

Hilda Mashayekh

Business Development Specialist

Marketing management (communication option) graduate from BCIT, with a background in branding and graphic design

Ryan Cooper

Director of Sales

5 years of sales experience with a Double Major in Finance & Management. The guy who teaches people how to make more money through strategy, process & optimization. 

Quinn Hoeppner

Lead Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialist – The guy who develops high-quality, lead-generating processes.

Logan Elliot

Digital Sales Specialist

Bachelor of Commerce and an associate degree in marketing grad, multiple years of sales experience. 

High-Performance Team


To maximize success for your  business, we utilize clear ROI metrics, creative capacity, continuous training and powerful systems & processes to ensure exceptional team performance. These are developed by our leadership who support the team daily with hands-on tasks. Our job is to maximize your results, and unlike 99% of consultants who simple ‘talk the tax’, we go into the trenches side-by-side with your team to develop deep-root and lasting success.

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Aligned Values


For synergies to be realized, values must be shared. We only select team members & clients that share our core values of collaboration & community. This allows us to Integrate your team, promoting higher & quicker ROI without team disruption or dysfunction.

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