The 2021 Lead Generation Strategy that will Make Your Sales Staff Love You!

The 2021 Lead Generation Strategy that will Make Your Sales Staff Love You!

In this video, we’re talking about the 2021 lead generation strategy that’s going to make your sales team love you. The first thing we’re going to talk about is actually knowing your target audience. This is what people don’t do enough when they’re looking to generate leads. You got to take some time to find out who the people are you actually want to sell to, duplicating your best clients. How you do that is you dig into your research, your market research, about who the best is. You go to your customers that you like the best, and you interview them. How do they like things? How do they live? How do they act?

Some of the key things that you might take note of of attracting similar clients is they like certain things in their home. For example, some of our best clients have really expensive barbecues in the backyard. So we actually target the expensive stuff in their backyard, and it works really effectively to generate great leads. It’s the little things of identifying who your client avatar really is. So go deep on it. Don’t just go single layer about their business needs. Dig deep into who they are, and do your research.

Number two is to invest in automation. Your sales staff is going to get overworked if you don’t help them do 90% of the work, which can be done by computer now. You have to have a great CRM, an amazing autoresponder to follow up, and some great booking programs to build it all together so someone can come on your website and immediately book into the calendar of your salespeople, and it’s already captured a bunch of their needs with a little survey. The most effective, their time and your time. So that automation is so key, and we’d ask you to push it forward.

The next is you have to invest in an ad budget that works for the size of your team. Your job, as a leader, in lead generation is to fill their calendar up without them having to do the cold calls, because cold calls are half as effective as they used to be in the past. You want to get those warm introductions, and you do that through lead generation. What you have to do is decide, what is my cost of acquisition of a client? So you’re working out your cost per lead. You’re working out your conversion ratios, all those things, so you can judge an effective ad budget. Too many people think that they should be generating hundred-thousand-dollar clients for thousand-dollar ad budgets. That’s just not how it works. It takes a long time to season ads, so you have to be prepared in the long run to invest in budgets with your team.

Let’s just go over, from the top, the three things. First, know your audience. Know your target, and develop that avatar. Second, invest in your automation. Third, and most importantly, is invest, invest, invest in that ad budget. Make sure that you take the time to optimize it and you set realistic expectations for what you’re going to get back out. So I want to thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you on the next one.

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