Top Down Management is Dead: Why Personal Relationships & Coaching are the Keys to Keeping Millennials Engaged

Top Down Management is Dead: Why Personal Relationships & Coaching are the Keys to Keeping Millennials Engaged

(*Disclaimer* Millennial feelings were hurt in the writing of this article, including our own :/ )

When I was in my early 20’s I worked as a bartender at a popular restaurant in Kelowna (okay, it wasn’t that popular). One of the things that always fascinated me, and kept the regular coming back, was the concoctions that we would create behind the bar. Mix the right ingredients, in the correct proportion, with the right atmosphere – and you’ve got something worth talking about. Sounds simple, right? 

What would you expect  when an entire generation of future employees is told, on repeat, that their voice deserves to be heard and seek to integrate them into a top-down organizational structure? Hint: normally the results aren’t great.


Choose Curiosity Over Instruction 

Your Millennial employees will reach peak performance when they’re encouraged to think for themselves. Resist the urge to give advice without first asking thought provoking questions. Done correctly, your curiosity will open the door for more creative & innovative solutions.  


Micromanagement is Cultural Demise by Asphyxiation 

The ever-wise Miley Cyrus once said, ‘everybody makes mistakes’. She’s right on this point – you know it, we know it, & your millennial employees know it – so instead of freaking out over little mistakes use failure as a catalyst for coaching & growth. Give your Millennials a little extra breathing room to grow & they’ll be just fine (remember, all the vaping has constricted their lungs) Optional: Avoid micromanagement at all costs – it’ll choke the life out of your Millennials. 


Swiping Right: Reconsidering Resume Red Flags 

It’s time to reconsider the stigma behind job hopping. Stop discarding the resumes of millennials with a larger volume of jobs within a shorter period of time. Work cycles move faster today than ever before. Unless someone is working in the same role at each ‘new employer’ job hopping into new opportunities shouldn’t raise alarm bells.


Fantastic Wealth & Where to Find It – Revisiting ‘Goodbye’ 

With the insane rise of social media, most millennials regularly interact with ‘friends’ who are bankrolling north of 7 figures. Because of this (and other factors) Millennials are opportunity driven, idealistic and often unrealistic in their career outcomes. It’s likely they may be unaware just ‘how green’ life is working for you. Instead of being bitter, commit to conducting exit interviews that focus on leaving the door ‘open’ if you want them back


Do I Even Have Any Skills? (Heck Yes!) 

Personalized coaching plans are essential for millennial engagement. Give a Millennial a job and he’ll work for a day, give them a skill and you just might change their life (seriously). Personal growth, great culture, and flexibility are keys to Millennials sticking around. 

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