Why Your Staff Retention Sucks! (3 Essential Tips to Fix This)

Why Your Staff Retention Sucks! (3 Essential Tips to Fix This)

An amazing topic that’s made such a big difference to all the companies that we touch. And that’s talking about reducing sales turnover. We find that lots of sales companies, they turnover sales people every six months. The first reason being, they don’t hire correctly, they don’t hire for values, they hire for resumes. That’s a big mistake. 


What you want to do is you want to categorize who your values are as a company. Go through that exercise, take the time, find out the kind of people who fit well with your culture, that culture that’s grown you to this point, that’s brought positivity and value to the customers that you serve and make sure you’re hiring for that. You can always teach a skill set, but you can’t teach values. They’re fundamentally cemented into that person. 


Salespeople are hyper-emotional and those values run deep through them and you’re going to see them on their sleeves. There’s not many logically-based sales people out there. Maybe you get a couple of engineers and scientists, but there’s very few. And, even then, they’re usually emotional. So make sure that those emotional values meet up with the characterization of what you’re building for your culture. If they don’t, it’s going to fall apart. 


And remember, people typically leave their manager, not their company. In 65% of scenarios, according to Harvard Business Review, people have left their manager because they don’t feel cared for and they don’t feel coached towards the goals that they have in life. So what your job is to go out there and build a strategic plan that fits in those goals and helps them achieve them within your enterprise. That will show them the care and the support they need to stay in your organization long-term.


Just remember, salespeople are hyper-emotional, so you’ve got to support those emotions, you have to listen to them and continuously check in and give them the tools they need to get to where they’re going. The hardest thing as a salesperson in an organization is not to be given the tools and support you need to produce the results you’re expected to get. It’s a very high pressure position and to succeed in that high pressure, they need that support. This will help reduce your turnover and increase your sales percentages in all categories.


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